Fix WiFi connection issue on Alexa

Fix WiFi connection issue on Alexa

Wi-Fi connectivity problem is such an issue that troubles almost every user once in a while. Whether you use Wi-Fi to connect your laptop to the internet, your tablet, your phone, or other handheld devices, generally, things work absolutely fine, but then, there comes a day when the connection gets inconsistent or non-existent. No matter what you do, there’s no way that you’re able to get the device connected to Wi-Fi, unless you get professional help. Here in this post we will troubleshoot and Fix WiFi connection issue on Alexa

Amazon Echo Alexa Tech Support Number:

Quite similar is the case, when it comes to Wi-Fi Connection Issue on Alexa. Generally Alexa gets connected to the W-Fi easily, and the internet works absolutely fine, but something happens, and it all stops working, and you feel that desperate need to contact Alexa Tech Support. Well, considering the issue of the Wi-Fi Connection to Alexa being Inconsistent or Non-existent at times, here’s a blog on what you should do if you ever come across Wi-Fi Connection Issue on Alexa. If you are having some other issue as well and want to fix that first before WiFi connection problem, then think of reading this post on common Alexa issue and their solution.

Fix WiFi connection issue on Alexa

Setting Issues on Alexa Device

Make sure that you’re connected to the right network. The orange light on your device indicates that there is an issue with the Wi-Fi connection. So, as soon as you see the light, go to the Network Option inside Settings to choose the correct Wi-Fi option, and connect the device to the network. At times, a separate network password is needed to do so.

Keep in mind that this network password is neither your Amazon account password, nor your Wi-Fi password. If you’re using Echo devices, then make sure that your Wi-Fi is a dual-band Wi-Fi (2.4 GHz / 5 GHz) which follows 802.11a / b / g / n standard. Echo devices don’t support other forms of Wi-Fi connection. Get the settings right on your device to avoid any Wi-Fi connection issue on Alexa.

Setting Issues on Wi-Fi Device

To get flawlessly connected to an Alexa device, the firmware of your Wi-Fi device needs to be up-to-date. Also, make sure that your Wi-Fi device’s security type is witched to either WPA or WPA2. If you’re used to setting up encryption on the device as well, switch it to AES. By maintaining these settings on your Wi-Fi device, you can expect the W-Fi to get easily connected to Alexa device, and to not come across any Wi-Fi connection issue on Alexa.

Restarting the Wi-Fi Device and Alexa Device

This is one of the standard solutions to getting your internet reconnected to your device. All you need to do is turn of your W-Fi device, and keep it the same way for around 30 seconds, then turn it on. Do the same thing to your Alexa device. When both the devices are turned on, try to connect your Alexa device to Wi-Fi. It should be able to connect easily to the network now, ending the W-Fi connection issue on Alexa.

Fix WiFi connection issue on Alexa
Fix WiFi connection issue on Alexa

If you’re using Echo device, it’s better to pull the plug off, during the process of turning off the device. If this solution doesn’t work, you could also try to reset your device. After the device has been reset, try to connect it to the Wi-Fi again. The connection should get established now.

Check your Wi-Fi Password

A lot of times, users are not able to connect their device to the internet just because they get the password wrong. Is it the reason why you’re unable to connect your Alexa device to the Wi-Fi? Check that you’ve input the right password. In the same way, sometimes resetting the router may also work wonders. If none of the above mentioned tips prove to be useful, try resetting your router, and when the process is completed, try to connect your Alexa device to the Wi-Fi. Your Wi-Fi connection issue with Alexa should get solved after this.

Reduce the Wi-Fi traffic

When you connect a lot of devices to your Wi-Fi, at times, you‘re not able to use the internet as flawlessly as you should be able to. The best thing to do at this point of time is to check if you’ve got too many unnecessary devices connected to Wi-Fi, and disconnect all of them, or atleast the ones you’re not using. This lowers down the Wi-Fi congestion, allowing your Alexa device to get easily connected to your Wi-Fi device.

Contact your ISP, or Router Manufacturer to Fix WiFi connection issue on Alexa

If none of the tips mentioned above works, then you can assume that either your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or you router manufacturing company is at fault here. If you can solve your internet or your router issue on your own, then it’s absolutely fine, else, contact the respective companies, and talk to their representatives to find the solution to the problem. This is how you can Fix WiFi connection issue on Alexa.

5 most common issues with alexa
5 most common issues with alexa

Contact Alexa Tech Support

Though it’s highly unlikely, but there’s a huge chance that it’s your Alexa device that is at fault here. And so, as mentioned above, if you’re able to get the device to work on your own, then go ahead, otherwise, go on and contact Alexa Tech Support. You can contact them either by writing to them on their official email address, or by calling them in their official tech support number to Fix WiFi connection issue on Alexa echo dots or other devices. When you contact Alexa Tech Support, you get a prompt response from them. It is guaranteed that your problem will get solved in no time.

Alexa devices, Wi-Fi Devices, Routers, Echo Devices- all of them are pieces of technology, and like any other piece of technology, there’s bound to be glitches in their performance. May not be today, but a couple of months later, or may be the next year, you’re bound to come across glitches as such in terms of using these devices.

Wi-Fi connection issues on Alexa is a small example of one of such glitches. Now, most of the times you’ll be able to handle them on your own. However, if there comes a time, when you’re not able to, go ahead and follow the steps mentioned above. And when none of these tips work, the right thing to do is to contact Alexa tech support. You may also want to read our some common tips and solution to fix amazon Echo Alexa devices. Don’t be hesitant, if you ever find yourself in problems as such. Alexa tech support is always there to offer its services. All you need to do is contact them. You may also like to read the solution for Bluetooth connectivity issue with Alexa Echo dots or how to setup Amazon Echo Alexa devices for the first time.

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