How to Set up or Configure MSN Email on Microsoft Outlook?

Microsoft Outlook is a desktop application which is a part of MS Office Package. The program allows the user to use multiple email accounts omitting the need to open multiple windows. You can add all your email accounts in MS Outlook, and through the same application, you could send and receive all your emails, whether personal or professional. Be it, or account you can setup and configure all your email accounts from different service providers here on Microsoft Outlook. In this post we are going to focus on How to Set up or Configure MSN Email on Microsoft Outlook?

MS Outlook existed only as a desktop application for quite some time, but after the inception of various hand held systems, the program has evolved. So, now you can use MS Outlook on your tablet, smartphone, laptops or computer, the same way you use it on your desktop computers. As mentioned above you can check your emails from all the different accounts using this application, but to do so, first you need to set up all your email accounts on Microsoft Outlook.

Well, this blog focuses on the same task, specifically the MSN Email account. So, this is how you can set up or configure MSN Email on Microsoft Outlook

Steps to Set up or Configure MSN Email on Microsoft Outlook

Setting up your MSN Email to your Microsoft Outlook is an easy process. Doesn’t matter, whether you’re doing it on your personal computer or a handheld device, you can complete the process in four easy steps.

The first thing that you should do is open your Outlook Application. On the Outlook window, one of the options that you’ll find is File. Click on it, and various options will appear. Simply click on the one that says Add Account. In case you’re opening Outlook for the first time, an additional Welcome screen will appear in front of you.

Setup or configure MSN email account on Outlook
Setup or configure MSN email account on Outlook

As soon as you click on Add Account, you’ll be asked for information such as your email address and your password. After feeding in the information, click on Connect. You’ll realize that your MSN Email is added to your Microsoft Outlook. Now simply click on Finish to conclude the process. In case you face any problem here like incorrect password or you forgot it, then try to reset the forgotten MSN email password it or call the MSN tech support phone number.

MSN Support Number 1-877-661-8666
MSN Support Number 1-877-661-8666

In case there’s a problem . . .

The entire process of configuring MSN Email on Microsoft Outlook hardly lasts a minute. But, at times, there could be certain issues that might prevent you from completing the task. If you’re not able to set up your email on Outlook, carry out few basic troubleshooting activities.

Make sure that your internet connection is good. Also, try to re-enter your information, and ensure that you’re providing the right information. Sometimes, there could a problem with the Operation System or the device altogether, because of which it is not able to run the program efficiently. Sometime a firewall is blocking outgoing mails, at times your account information needs to be reviewed before you can use email services. You may want to read out blog on Fixing common MSN email problems.

Worst case scenario – you might need to uninstall, and then reinstall your MS Outlook. However, don’t go for this step straight away. Try the rest of the options first.

MSN Email Account Support Services

If following the above mentioned steps doesn’t work, don’t go for the extreme measures like changing your device, rebooting your computer or re-installing the program straight away. Visit Microsoft Support’s official website to find the solution.

As soon as you open the page, you will see a list of products from Microsoft, the one you should go for is Outlook. On the Outlook specific page, you’ll find a list of tasks. Simply click on the one that says Set up Email on Outlook. As soon as you click on the option, you will be offered clear stepwise instructions in the form of text and as well as videos. Going through them should answer all your questions, and give you the solution to your problems.

You can configure or set up not just MSN Email account on Microsoft Outlook, but other email accounts as well. There is no limitation. The application makes it easy for you to go through your emails and respond to them, as you don’t need to open a separate window for each email address. You can handle all of them through Outlook. After you’ve connected your other devices to your computer, you can do the same using those devices as well, no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

So, this is how you can set up or configure MSN Email on Microsoft Outlook. After you’ve completed the process, you’re sure to realize how easy the task was. In case you’re not able to set up the account, make sure to follow the above mentioned steps, and you’ll be able to use the application in no time.

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