How to contact Roku technical Support Number?

How to contact Roku technical Support Number?


Roku Inc., a publicly traded firm of Los Gatos, California, United States, was founded in October 2002 by Anthony Wood, the founder of ReplayTV. The company manufactures digital media players to allow users to access audio and video services online through televisions. The word Roku means “six” in japanese language and also represents by its name that it was the sixth company founded by Anthony Wood. Just like any other company, Roku also has its customer support system and in this post we are gonna talk about How to contact Roku technical Support Number?

Roku players or commonly known as Roku, are digital media players which access over-the-top content provided by the partners of Roku using the channels. The device allows the users to watch paid and free content on your TV using the internet.  Major Streaming services like YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Sling TV and many more are loaded on the Roku channels. While most of the content on these channels are pre-recorded, you can access the content of the services like Hulu, only one day after it is aired on Television, whereas the content from apps like SlingTV can be live.

To access the services, you need to have a standard HD TV, a Roku set-top box and high-speed internet connection.

To offer the best of the services to its customers and to ensure that they enjoy the best experience streaming the videos online, the company provides various products of the highest quality. The setup process, the features, and the user interface are designed to be so easy that mostly the users can do everything in a snap. The Roku users hardly face any difficulty while setting up or operating the device, but still, if you come across such issues, you can contact the customer support.

If you are facing some trouble with the Roku device, you can contact the Roku Helpline or Technical Support in many ways. Read here to know the various methods to get the Roku technical support and how you can get the Roku Technical Support Toll free number.

Official Website

You can visit the technical support section available on the official website of Roku. You can check the step-by-step guide on a solution to the trouble you are facing including the issues in set up, connection, billing, orders, account, how to use and troubleshooting.  The website can get you one step closer to the solution to your problem. You can explore a step-by-step solution to the questions related to various features offered by the device like how to use the channel store, how to manage multiple channels, how to find various types of TV shows and movies, and other personalization and operating features.

How to contact Roku technical Support Number?

Contacting the Technical support

Roku Inc. has provided a number of ways in which the customers can contact the technical support of Roku. The customer service department of the company believes in helping out the customers in any situation with the best solution possible. Customers can contact the technical support via email, chat service or through the call. Alternatively they can also get premium help for Roku device from our Roku Technical Support Phone number.

How to contact Roku technical Support Number?
How to contact Roku technical Support Number?

Online support

The technical support can be contacted by email on or the customers can contact through the live chat service available on the website.

Roku Technical Support Number

The technical support is easily accessible through a phone call.  The premium call support is available 24/7 at +1(877)-661-8666. You can call this number to get the best support for your issue and get the solution on right time.

Roku Technical Support Number:

The toll-free number of the company is provided to the customers to give them an opportunity to submit their complaints, feedback and ask for the solutions to their queries. If you are also among those who have the same question “How to contact Roku technical Support Number?” then you will find this post very helpful. This inspires the company to evaluate the input and suggestions received from the customers to provide them with an even better quality of service. The companies expect their customers to call not only for giving feedback but they also assist the customers.

The main focus of the technical support representative is to provide you with instant and satisfactory support. So that, you can get the best quality streaming experience with your Roku. Feel free to call the Toll free customer support number to get assistance in fixing any issue with Roku TV, Roku player, Roku Express+ or any other Roku device.

Another method through which you can contact Roku technical support is via a Social media platform. You need to sign in to your favorite social media platform and browse the official page or account of Roku. Contact them through the social platform and tell them about your issue, you will be provided with the assistance in the shortest time possible.

In case you are facing an issue or need assistance with your Roku device, feel free to contact via any of the above methods to find the solution. I hope this article on How to contact Roku technical Support Number helped you getting your Roku device related issue fixed.

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