How to connect and print from iPhone to Epson Printer?

How to connect and print from iPhone to Epson Printer?

Printers are an important part of our life no matter what you are, student, teacher, business owner, employee or housewife or anyone. Everyone needs printer for one reason or the other such as printing reports, invoices, receipts, Educational records, Bank Statements and many other such documents. As the technology is evolving, printers are also getting smarter and printing high quality pictures and documents with fast processing power. During earlier days, it was only possible to print to a printer which would connect to a computer through a hard wire. But nowadays printers are capable of printing wirelessly and even from email directly. In this post we will discuss about How to connect and print from iPhone to Epson Printer?

Epson printers are award winning printers and are made with advance technology which process fast printing with high quality. Almost all of the Epson printers are capable of printing wirelessly.  You can print from your mobile devices wirelessly too. You just need to connect the printer and Mobile device to the same wireless network and when you give the print command it searches for available printers. You just need to select the printer you want to use and the printing will happen instantly. That’s it.

How to connect and print from iPhone to Epson Printer?
How to connect and print from iPhone to Epson Printer?

But sometimes, when you are printing from iPhone or iPad things does not work that way. Apple devices also use a technology called AirPrint which enable them to print wirelessy to any printers without the need of printer driver. Most of the Epson printers are AirPrint enabled and Apple also has a list of Printer model which are AirPrint enabled. This list is updated every month by apple and is also available on Printer manufacturers website. You can find the list by Apple here and see if your Epson printer is AirPrint capable. You can also check the most recent list of AirPrint Enabled Epson Printers.

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How to connect and print from iPhone to Epson Printer with AirPrint?

There are various ways to print a document but printing directly from iPhone or iPad is actually very quick and time saving option. After adding the AirPrint functionality by Apple, a number of native and third party app has also been introduced to support remote and Wi-Fi printing. AirPrint is an Apple technology that enables iOS and maccOS devices to print to any printer without the need of a Printer driver. Users need not to download or install any special driver and no cable is required as AirPrint has its own framework and work with any type of printers wirelessly. Using AirPrintyou can Print from iPhone, iPad, iPod, or Mac. Almost all the modern Printers are coming with AirPrint functionality in built. You can print any document or Picture with AirPrint.

So here is how you actually connect your Epson printer with iPhone or iPad.

How to print using Apple AirPrint?

# Connect both the devices to same WiFi Network

In order to print using AirPrint, you need to make sure that both printer and iOS device are connected to the same WiFi network. Also there may be an option to enable AirPrint on your Epson Printer which you need to activate first. Read the manual that came with your Epson printer to see how can you activate the AirPrint. Usually, it is found in the settings menu or settings>Wireless or Settings > Preferences in some Epson Printer model.

Also please do the following checks as AirPrint does not work with all the situation. After this you will be able to connect and print from iPhone to Epson Printer.

  1. Make sure you are not printing from a Public Network as AirPrint does not work on a Public network. Sometimes your device or your phone is connected automatically with a free WiFi network that might be provided to your by your Internet Service provider but that is a public network and it does not support AirPrint.
  2. Make sure you are connected to a Guest Network or a bluetooth connection, WiFi Hotspot, or a cellular data connection. If you are connected to any of them, you will see error “No AirPrint Printers Found”.
  3. Make Sure your router support “Bonjour” service protocol and or does not block Bonjour. Bonjour is an Apple’s proprietary network discovery protocol. This enables Apple devices to talk to each other even in the absence of any WiFi network.

Connecting and Printing from iPhone, iPad to Epson Printers are really very simple. It’s just a three simple steps. Select the Print Command -> Choose the Printer->and finally click the print button to get the print out. But things get worse when you don’t know how the AirPrint works for Apple devices and why are you not able to see the Printer on Network. After reading through the above mentioned checks and information about AirPrint you will be able to connect your Epson Printer easily from iPhone, iPad using AirPrint.

That was all about how to connect and print from iPhone to Epson Printer. I hope that helped you print from iPhone seamlessly. Still, if you have any issue or unable to get a fix you can contact our 24/7 live Epson technical support helpline. You may also want to read how to download driver for Epson Printer? Stay connect, keep reading to learn more.

Happy Troubleshooting!


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