Alexa won't connect to Bluetooth Devices

Alexa won’t connect to Bluetooth Devices- How to Fix it?

Since the launch of Alexa in 2014, it has taken over the world by the storm. Everyone who can get their hands on Alexa owns it, and for many, it has become an intrinsic part of their lives. Now, when you’re used to controlling all your Bluetooth enabled devices using Alexa, it’s quite frustrating to wake up one day, and realize that your device isn’t working the way it normally does. When you check, you find out that your Alexa has disconnected from your Bluetooth devices, and when you try to pair it back, it simply doesn’t. Nothing can ruin your day as something like this. In this post we will show you different ways to fix such issues when Alexa won’t connect to Bluetooth devices.

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But don’t worry! There are few very simple steps that you can follow to figure out the problem and reconnect you device with Alexa in no time. Stay put as we present to you those steps.

Alexa won’t connect to Bluetooth Devices- How to Fix it?

#1. Check whether you Alexa device supports Bluetooth

Now, this might seem like a childish advice, but especially for the people who are trying to connect their devices to Alexa for the first time, this could be an important tip.

Obviously, if your device doesn’t support Bluetooth, you will not be able to connect it to Alexa. At times even when your device supports Bluetooth, it may not be able to connect to Alexa, because of not maintaining the kind of Bluetooth profile that Alexa looks for.

Alexa supports only two kinds of Bluetooth profiles. The first one is Advanced Audio Distribution Profile, also known as A2DP SNK, and the second one is Audio/Video Remote Control Profile, also known as AVRCP. So unless your devices use one of these profiles, you will not be able to connect them to Alexa.

You can use your Alexa app to navigate your Bluetooth device, which is a great way to find out if Alexa supports your device or not. All you need to do is tap on the Device Icon in the Alexa app, and if your device is listed there, you can connect it to your app, and if it isn’t, well, the app doesn’t support your device. At time there are some workaround to upgrade the software of your devices to make its bluetooth compatible with Alexa. If you are having any such issue contact our Alexa tech support phone number.

Alexa won't connect to Bluetooth Devices
Alexa Won’t connect to Bluetooth devices

#2. Check the power level of your Bluetooth device

One of the reasons why Alexa may not connect to your Bluetooth device, is because of the device’s low power level. This is something that’s applicable to both new and old users.

So, once you’ve identified that it’s the low power level that’s the cause of the connection problem, all you need to do is get your Bluetooth device charged up, or may be change its batteries, depending on what kind of device it is. And probably then, it will connect to Alexa the way it normally does.

#3. Check for interference by alien devices

A lot of times when your Bluetooth device is surrounded by other devices that has Bluetooth enabled in them, the signal could get weak, lost, or it could face a lot of interference. Because of this, your Bluetooth device may find it impossible to connect to Alexa.

Alexa won't connect to Bluetooth Devices
Alexa won’t connect to Bluetooth Devices

So, the solution in this case is to take you Bluetooth device, and your Alexa device away from those other alien devices, and try to connect it. You could also try turning off the Bluetooth of all the other devices that aren’t currently in use. By doing so, hopefully, you’d be able to connect your Bluetooth devices to Alexa.

Sometimes, trying to connect your Bluetooth device to Alexa may not work in the first attempt, even when nothing is wrong with either Alexa or your device. So, what you can do is try to pair them a number of times, with a hope that after a couple of attempts, they will connect and work normally.

Another important thing that you can try, if none of the things mentioned above works is to clear or forget all the Bluetooth devices that’s listed in the app. When the list is cleared, you can try to pair your Alexa with only the needed Bluetooth devices, and hopefully, you’ll be able to do so.

#4. The Golden Rule – Restart both the app and the device

This is probably one of those rules that works not just with Alexa but all the other electronic devices as well. After you’ve tried everything, but have been unsuccessful over all, then try restarting the device.

And don’t just restart the Bluetooth device, but also the Alexa device. After you’ve successfully restarted both of them, try to pair them again. Hopefully, your devices should pair now, without much trouble. And if it still doesn’t, then the problem is a major one, and in such a case, you can do only one thing.

#5. Contact Alexa Support Service if Alexa won’t connect to Bluetooth Devices

When nothing else works, the only option that you’re left with is to contact Alexa Tech Support. There are so many ways through which you can contact them. You can write to them in their official tech support email address, or you can call them in their official tech support number. They will make sure to get back to you with help in no time.

Amazon Echo Alexa Tech Support Number:

If you want to have instant support, what you can do is, you can visit their official Alexa support page in Amazon’s official website. There, you will find a list of blogs and FAQs written specifically to solve problems as the one you’re facing. Use their search bar to look for Bluetooth device related problems, and do what’s instructed in the solution. It’s definite that you will have your problem solved in no time.

With most electronic gadgets, including Alexa device and Bluetooth devices, the problems, most of the times, are quite general. By looking into simple things, you can find their solutions easily. However, this is applicable only when the device is completely in order. You may also want to read our some common tips and solution to fix amazon Echo Alexa devices.

If there’s a hardware issue, or even the one related to the program, troubleshooting methods as such, and solutions like the ones mentioned above won’t solve the problem by any means. In such situations, you would be required to seek professional help. Let us know you problem and we will offer free diagnostic and advises to solve the issues.

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