5 most common issues with alexa

5 Most Common Issues with Alexa and their Solutions

For the last two years, Alexa has gained immense popularity among users, which is quite evident from its sales records. People have made Alexa an integral part of their lives, as it has helped them build a smart home, which didn’t quite seem possible before its release. In this post we will discuss about the 5 most common issues with Alexa.

With Alexa, you can control your Amazon Echo Speakers, by using just your voice. Apart from that, you could also control your other electronics, like television, refrigerator, air-conditioner, and so on, and electrical equipment like lights and fans. All you need to do is voice command Alexa, and it’s done.

Alexa is a product of Amazon, and is downloadable from Amazon Store, Google Play Store and Apple Store. Amazon has partnered with other companies to give Alexa its device range. Anyone who owns Alexa supported devices can download the app, set it up, and start operating them using their voice.

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Now, while Alexa functions flawlessly most of the times, it succumbs to faults and dysfunctionalities at other situations. As the proud owner of Alexa, you get to enjoy all its privileges and as well as face its tantrums. Considering the same, in this blog, we’re going to talk about the 5 most issues with Alexa and the ways to solve them, so that you’re better equipped and prepared to handle them.

5 Most Common Issues with Alexa and their Solutions

Alexa can’t connect to Wi-Fi

This is one of the most common problems with not just Alexa but any other device that connects to the internet. You can do a couple of things to solve this problem.

First, turn all your devices on and off, or reboot them, including your router. Once turned on, try to connect to the internet through your smartphone to be sure that there’s no problem with the internet.

You could try to keep your device close to the router to see if it gets connected this way. Also, keeping it away from other Wi-Fi enabled devices could avoid hindrance, and ensure strong connectivity.

Connect only the devices to Wi-Fi that are absolutely crucial at the moment. Disconnect every other device that are not in use.

Alexa doesn’t understand you

Alexa is an app that evolves overtime. So, when your start using it, it may not understand you completely, and often ask you to repeat your command. This could get pretty irritating at times. After using it for a couple of weeks, you’ll be surprised by how intelligent the app is, as it will get your each and every word.

Now, you can speed up this evolving process by using the Alexa voice training tool. All you need to do is go to Settings option in your Alexa app on your smartphone, and tap on Voice Training. Here, you can record and submit 25 phrases, which would make it easier for Alexa to understand your accent and pronunciation.

In the History section of App setting, you could check the list of commands that Alexa misheard or didn’t understand. You could consider them, and practice to say them in a way that Alexa understands you.

Alexa can’t connect to your devices

This could be another one of the most common problems that you might face while using Alexa devices. The first thing to do in the book is to check whether you device is compatible with Alexa or not.

This might sound silly, but a lot of users tend to try and connect a device to Alexa that is not compatible with it. Compatibility is specific to the product type and model number of the device, so don’t go for the brand blindly thinking that all its products are compatible with Alexa.

Another very basic thing to do is to turn the power on and off, of not just your Echo speakers but all the other devices that you’re trying to connect to Alexa. If the problem is with connecting Alexa to a Bluetooth device then try our simple solution here.

5 most common issues with alexa
5 most common issues with alexa

Alexa can’t stream well

The prime reason why Alexa is not able to stream your desired song could be the internet connection. Check your Wi-Fi to make sure that it’s working, and that your device is connected to it.

You could also try to turn your device on and off, re-connect it to the internet, and try streaming the song again.

The problem could also be bandwidth, as low bandwidth can prevent your device from streaming songs successfully, despite being connected to the internet.

Sometimes, the third party apps like Spotify, which is one of the top choices of users for streaming, could cause the problem. So, the best thing to do here is to Unlink and Relink your Spotify account with Alexa. You can do so by going to Music and Media Option under Settings.

Alexa doesn’t respond

There could be various reasons why your Alexa device isn’t responding to your voice. Make sure that your device is turned on, and is connected to the internet. Most problems with Alexa could be solved by taking into account these two factors.

Also, in case you have multiple Amazon accounts, make sure that all your Alexa devices are connected to the same account. Sometimes, the devices may not work together if they’re being operated through different accounts.

The device that you’re trying to operate should be closer to you than other devices that also operated with Alexa. At some instances, you may land up activating the other device rather than the one intended to. To avoid confusions, choose different wake words for different devices. Also in case you have any issue with alexa device and need support, feel free to call Amazon Echo Alexa Tech support number at 1(877)-661-8666.

These were the 5 most common issues with Alexa, along with their solutions. Remember that these problems occur only rarely, and can be resolved fairly easily. It is guaranteed that as a proud Alexa owner, most of your time will be sent enjoying Alexa’s services, and not fixing its problems.

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